Xfce 4.2.1 Changelog


  • Don't use G_INLINE_FUNC in the source code, which fixes several weird build errors.

Libraries (lib*)

  • Libxfce4util: Fix a problem with NFS mounted home directories in Solaris (bug #724)

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Speed improvement with GLX applications
  • Fix Alt-Tab not focusing a window alone on a desktop (bug #700)
  • Kbd shortcuts don't work when caps lock is enabled (bug #689)
  • Window not showing when compositor is enabled (bug #694)
  • Documentation on command line option to enable/disable xfwm4 compositor (bug #611)
  • Improve caching of frame elements
  • Fix default theme for dark gtk themes (such as Xfce-dusk)
  • Various focusing issues fixed
  • Optimizations of move/resize operations (bug #761)
  • Auto maximize windows larger that screen size.
  • Be more tolerant with apps manipulating frameless windows.
  • Focus window on top of stack on workspace switch if no other window is eligible for focus.
  • Fix uninitialized default layer for fullscreen legacy apps.
  • Updated translations : he, ja, pt_br, zh_CN, fi, lt, ko

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Fix handling of quoted commands in the desktop menu (bug #776)
  • Fix handling of .desktop files with no Categories list (bug #776)
  • Add "edit menu" button to panel plugin prefs (bug #554), and ability to change the button tooltip (bug #764)
  • Fix broken panel plugin behavior when trying to track the default desktop menu. there's a new option to either follow the default menu, or use a static menu file (bug #778)
  • Fix bug where xfdesktop would crash if the windowlist was opened, then a window was destroyed, and then that window was selected from the list (bug #672)
  • Fix "unique" attribute of system menu inclusion

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Save configuration file only on exit
  • Fix double click on inactive item in dialog (bug #739)
  • 64bit fix
  • Clock applet tweak (bug #716, hopefully)

Settings Manager (xfce-mcs-manager)

  • Fix RedHat shutdown code (bug #703)

File Manager (xffm)

  • Ensure posix.1-1996 compatibility (bug #695)
  • Fix for crash on opening fstab on solaris (bug #726)
  • Avoid a showstopper gtk-2.4 bug (scaling gdkpixbufs from svg images). This is bugzilla bug #751 report. Not all gtk showstopper bugs from svg can be avoided. In particular with office/mobile_phone_01.svg. This file will also crash rox
  • Allow relative paths for icon resolution (xfce4-modules)
  • Validate utf error messages (bug #737)
  • Don't quote paths that are already quoted.
  • Change smb-share icon to proper icon
  • Fix borked overwrite warning dialog message
  • Bug fixes for keyboardnavigation to close bug #795
  • Separate remove and paste button in toolbar to avoid confusing the remove confirmation dialog with the overwrite confirmation dialog
  • Fix translation problems in several languages, including brazilian-portuguese
  • Fill in some missing spanish translation strings
  • Fix for bug #524 (crashing xffm by mounting cdrom and trying to open it in the other treeview before mount is complete)

Printing Helper (xfprint)

  • Remove FILE backend and add a print-to-file entry in the printing dialog
  • Multiple bugfixes (bug #816, bug #817, bug #818, bug #820) in the BSD-LPR backend (thanks to Jason Keltz for pointing them out)

GTK theme engine (gtk-xfce-engine-2)

  • Add new dark theme "Xfce-dusk" contributed by James Golden
  • Improve default theme, enhance contrasts.
  • Rework progress bar drawing.

Calendar and Appointments (xfcalendar)

  • Remembering of its position (bug #691 and bug #789)
  • Warning box for preventing users to loose their changes (bug #714 and bug #738)
  • Possibility to show/hide xfcalendar in taskbar, pager and systray (bug #719)
  • possibility to choose to either show or hide the calendar window when xfcalendar is launched (it remembered before the status when leaving)