Xfce 4.2.2 Changelog


  • New and updated translations: bn_IN, ca, cs, el, el_GR, eo, eu, fi, hu, ja, ko, mr, pl, ro, vi.
  • New french documentation.

Libraries (lib*)

  • Libxfcegui4: Check ~/.local/share/pixmaps/ as a fallback (bug #731).

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Fix mouse buttons being left ungrabbed when focus was transfered to an unmanaged window.
  • Document hidden option "workspace_scroll" (bug #948).
  • Various focus issues (bug #759, bug #869, bug #899, bug #905, bug #924, bug #931).
  • Fix pixmap depth not being properly set (bug #895).
  • Refresh frame when "skip taskbar" state changes (bug #898).
  • Allow seemless windows to be hidden from kbd shortcuts.
  • Code cleanup.

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Fix translation problems with menu panel plugin.
  • Fix bug where binding 'xfdesktop -menu' only works sporadically (bug #441).
  • Fix unresolved symbol problem with menu module.

Session Manager (xfce4-session)

  • Fix a crash with the MCS plugin.

File Manager (xffm)

  • Fix property dialog crahsing on FreeBSD (bug #945).
  • Fix library version info not set on the properties module (bug #882, bug #249).
  • Fix fstab parsing (bug #524).
  • Fix compilation issues with ansi compiler and gcc4 (bug #862).

Printing Helper (xfprint)

  • Make bsdlpr plugin compile.
  • Change CUPS detection code.
  • Set correct ld flags (bug #871).
  • Add support for printcap aliases (bug #821).
  • Fix MCS plugin.

GTK theme engine (gtk-xfce-engine-2)

  • Fix various colors issues with ExoIconBar, prelight colors for treeview, Adobe® Acrobattm 7, progress bar, combo box, gtk scales (bug #848).

Utilities (xfce-utils)

  • Taskbar: Add a command option "--monitor=x" to allow specifying which monitor to use in Xinerama mode.

Volume Control (xfce4-mixer)

  • Fix a bug with ALSA.

Calendar and Appointments (xfcalendar)

  • Fix compiling with --enable-debug=full (bug #843).
  • Remove C99 variable declaration and C++ comments.