Xfce 4.4 beta 2 ( Changelog

Utility Library (libxfce4util)

  • Fix deletion of entries from XfceRc objects.
  • Reduce the number of PLT symbols.
  • Translatable license texts.
  • Plug memory leaks.

Widget Library (libxfcegui4)

  • Fix bug with desktop layout on x86_64.
  • Fix bug in system tray with some apps (e.g. krusader, bug #1836).
  • New titled dialog widget, to use for the settings dialogs.

Extension Library (exo)

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Get rid of libXpm dependency by implementing an XPM loader with color symbol substitution.
  • Add support for svg, png, bmp, gif, jpg file formats for themes components.
  • Embedded compositor can be enabled/disabled on the fly from the WM tweaks plugin without restarting the WM.
  • Transparency of inactive windows configurable through the WM tweaks plugin.
  • Automatically unredirect fullscreen override windows, fixing the performance penalty of using unredirected rendering.
  • Add host name to window title when running apps from other hosts.
  • Rework default theme, add new themes (Moheli, Daloa).
  • Clean up modifer code in shortcut editor.
  • Lot of optimizations, including in the embedded compositor.
  • Lot of bug fixes.

Window Manager Themes (xfwm4-themes)

  • Adjust various themes for the latest xfwm4 version.

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Filter out KDE screensaver files from the menu (bug #1928).
  • Add a remote launcher to popup panel menu, triggered by a shortcut.
  • Cleaned up xfce4-menueditor: Use XfceTitledDialog, fixed DnD, use GObject classes.
  • Try to automatically mount unmounted removable volumes when they are openend.
  • Fix crashes when removable volumes don't have mount points associated with them.
  • XDirectSave target support for the desktop.
  • Add support for dropping web links from Firefox (and other browsers) on the desktop.
  • Add user feedback when a file already exists (i.e., a "do you want to overwrite?" dialog) instead of just failing silently.
  • Tell the session manager to log out if the user tries to "close" the desktop window.
  • Transparency for the icon label text background, configurable via GTK style properties.
  • Fix menu panel plugin menu positioning when using floating panels.
  • Many desktop icon painting performance improvements.
  • Use exo-desktop-item-edit to create and edit launchers and links.
  • Don't show 'eject' menu item if a removable volume is not really ejectable.
  • Attempt to create ~/Desktop/ if it does not exist (only if the user turns on file/launcher icons).

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Set NET_WM_STRUT for compatibility with former specs.

Session Manager (xfce4-session)

  • Update dialogs to use the new XfceTitledDialog.
  • Properly handle OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn in the autostart editor.
  • Run discard command when client terminates unexpectedly.
  • Use the new XfceTitledDialog.

Settings Manager (xfce-mcs-manager)

  • Restart xfce-mcs-manager instead of trying to unload/reload plugins when SIGUSR1 is received, to avoid possible crashes.
  • Use the new XfceTitledDialog.

Settings Manager Plugins (xfce-mcs-plugins)

  • Keyboard Accessibility (sticky keys, slow keys, bound keys and mouse keys).
  • Fix modifiers detection in shortcut editor.
  • Use the new XfceTitledDialog.

File Manager (thunar)

Printing Helper (xfprint)

  • Use GtkIconTheme instead of deprecated XfceIconTheme

GTK theme engine (gtk-xfce-engine-2)

  • Change color of active window title.

Utilities (xfce-utils)

  • Set XDG_DATA_DIRS in startup script for people who install Xfce in a different root location from gtk+ itself.

Terminal Emulator (terminal)

  • A few performance improvements.
  • Various usability improvements.

Text Editor (mousepad)

  • Fix segfault on file save on x86_64.
  • Fix compilation errors.

Archive Manager (xarchiver)

  • First release as part of Xfce.
  • Integration with thunar-archive-plugin.
  • Increased speed! Xarchiver is faster than ever when opening archives.
  • Added Drag and Drop from and to Xarchiver window by using the XDS protocol.
  • Added the (in)famous cmd-line switches; see xarchiver -? for details.
  • Added a Stop button who cancels the current operation or you can use the ESC key.
  • Added the ability to test archives.
  • Added an archive properties window showing useful info about the archive and its content.
  • Added two menu entries in the Action menu to select or unselect the files in the treeview.
  • Added support for ISO images (opening, extract and view only).
  • "Row selection while you type" ability. Useful when you have thousand of files inside the archive.
  • The extract dialog now "remembers" the last used extraction path.
  • The extract dialog automatically sets the destination directory as the archive path.
  • The enter key can be also used with the extract dialog.
  • You can use accelerators (keyboard shortcuts) for almost the menu entries.
  • The Del key can also be used instead of the Delete button on the toolbar.
  • Removed the confirmation dialog when opening bzip2 and gzip compressed files.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting files from the archive.
  • Finally fixed bug randomly causing rar and arj output badly appears.
  • Finally fixed bug randomly causing tar.bz2 and tar.gz archives to be corrupted when deleting files from them.
  • Fixed some memory leaks but surely someone is left :).
  • Fixed bug causing filenames with spaces inside the archive not being viewed.
  • Fixed bug causing filenames with spaces in arj archives appear truncated in Xarchiver window.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the file dialog to select more than one file when adding to arj archives.
  • Fixed progress bar not appearing when adding only one big file to an archive.
  • Fixed a bug causing Xarchiver to hang when opening empty zip archives.
  • Fixed a bug causing Xarchiver to exit when opening a not supported archive directly from the command line.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Xarchiver to compress files with bzip2 or gzip.