Xfce 4.4 rc 1 ( Changelog

Utility Library (libxfce4util)

  • Enable compilation with compilers other than gcc (bug #1851).
  • Updated translations: Fabian Nowak (de).
  • New translations: Leandro Regueiro (gl), Dimitri Gogelia (ka).

Widget Library (libxfcegui4)

  • Use the slice allocator where appropriate and g_type_class_add_private() (bug #2087).
  • Add delay for switching workspace when dragging something over the pager (bug #838).
  • Allow to use flag buttons for the tasklist.

Extension Library (exo)

Settings Manager Plugins (xfce-mcs-plugins)

  • Use GtkComboBox instead of GtkOptionMenu in the user interface settings (bug #2134).
  • Subpixel rendering options are now independent of the hinting options (bug #665).

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Implement borderless full maximization (bug #1750).
  • Rework maximization switches (bug #2047).
  • Unmap the client window when shaded (bug #2168).
  • Fix a crash in compositor when the client vanishes (bug #2105).
  • Make sure the icon selected in the tabwin matches the selected window in all cases (bug #2008).
  • Add <Xutil.h> include for building on Solaris.
  • Add new option to enable/disable unredirection of fullscreen override windows (overlays).
  • Prevent shaped windows to request a frame.
  • Fix meaning of the Xfwm/CycleMinimum option in the WM tweak plugin (bug #2058).
  • Fix focus transition back to regular window when an override window grabbing keyboard is unmapped (bug #2090).
  • Allow pkg-config to be more verbose (bug #2178).
  • Add a fallback to the configure script to check for libXrender on Solaris 10 (bug #2165).
  • Plug a few memory leaks.
  • Reduce Xserver's memory usage my disabling frame caching.
  • Fix bogus high CPU usage on loading themes that miss the menu button.

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Fix backdrop image tearing during expose (bug #1944).
  • Show icon tooltips where appropriate (bug #1526).
  • Use thunarx extensions for the icon context menus and properties dialogs.
  • Fix ugly gradients in the desktop wallpaper on 16-bit displays (bug #1819).
  • Don't show a folder for the desktop directory itself (bug #1916).
  • Fix problems with markup in text labels (bug #2082).
  • Add 'File System', 'Home', and 'Trash' icons.
  • Fix compositing emblems on icons (bug #1875).
  • Use native Pango ellipsising support for the windowlist menu, which looks way better (bug #2127).
  • Allow panel plugin's menu to be opened at the pointer position (bug #2103).
  • Don't allow cut or delete if the file/dir isn't writeable (bug #2081).
  • Memory leak fixes (bug #1910).
  • Put the icon context menu on the proper screen (bug #2351).

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Fix/reimplement kiosk mode (bug #1993).
  • Fix linking with -Wl,--as-needed (bug #1977).
  • Reduce number of polls/timeouts.
  • Prevent panel from being closed by Alt-F4 (bug #2116).
  • Use g_slice_* functions from glib when available.
  • Add search filter to 'Add item' dialog.
  • Add dummy (empty) scripts for deprecated xftaskbar4 and xfce4-iconbox.
  • Make desktop switching by scrolling over the pager optional (bug #1951).
  • Use pango_ellipsize in windowlist and highlight active window.
  • Flat buttons in taskbar by default (old behavior can still be selected).
  • Prevent panel (item) dialogs from being always on top.
  • Add xfce4-popup-windowlist program to allow showing the windowlist from a keyboard shortcut (bug #2104).
  • Optionally show apps from all desktops iconbox.

Print Frontend (xfprint)

  • Prevent xfprint4 from removing the printed file when the filters aren't applied.
  • Fix incompatibility with CUPS 1.2 (bug #2107).

Session Manager (xfce4-session)

  • Add support for HAL to shutdown/reboot the computer. Must be enabled explicitly using --with-shutdown-style=hal to configure (bug #2046).
  • Do not try to save the xfce4-tips as part of the session (bug #1089).
  • Add shutdown/reboot support for Solaris (bug #2230).
  • Drop libgnome dependency for assistive technologies support.

Terminal Emulator (Terminal)

  • Parse file:-URIs dropped to a Terminal window properly and format them so they can be used in shell commands directly (bug #2076).
  • Use the thumbnail preview support for the background image selection that was added with exo (bug #2069).
  • Add '~' to the default word chars.

File Manager (Thunar)

Calendar (orage)

  • Fixed jumping effect on panel plugin by adding possibility to define plugin size (bug #2101).
  • Fixed slow month update (bug #2080).
  • Fixed race condition in timezone handling causing wrong days being highlighted (bug #2157).
  • Fixed several AMD64 pointer handling issues (Bugs bug #1900).
  • Fixed utf8 problem with strftime n panel plugin (bug #2208).
  • Panel plugin parameter window uses tables and is prettier.
  • Corrected timezone parameter handling causing corrupions.
  • Set alarm window to be on top.
  • Use static icons with all windows except systray and about.
  • Disable choices that do not make sense in appointment window.
  • Possibility to make more complex repeating alarms like weekdays and every nth type settings.
  • Trayicon has tooltip, which shows list of alarms.
  • Long repeating sounds do not overlap, but wait and start only after the previous play has ended.

Archive Manager (xarchiver)

  • Added symbolic link column in tar/tar.bz2/tar.gz and RPM archives.
  • Ability to extract files inside RPM archives without the directory they are contained in.
  • View ability works now with files inside RPM archives nested in more than one directory.
  • Increased speed! Xarchiver is faster than ever when opening archives.
  • The GUI looks neat and clean respect to the 0.3.3 release.
  • Added a brand extract and add dialog supporting most of the archiver command line options.
  • Added drag and drop from and to Xarchiver window by using the XDS protocol.
  • Added the (in)famous cmd-line switches; see xarchiver -? for details.
  • Added a Stop button who cancels the current operation or you can use the ESC key.
  • Added ability to test archives.
  • Added an archive properties window showing useful info about the archive and its content.
  • Added two menu entries in the Action menu to select or unselect the files in the treeview.
  • Added support for ISO images (opening, extract and view only) but it's incomplete, see the TODO file.
  • Row selection while you type ability. Useful when you have thousand of files inside the archive.
  • The extract dialog now remembers the last used extraction path.
  • The extract dialog automatically sets the destination directory as the archive path.
  • The enter key can be also used with the extract dialog.
  • You can use accelerators (keyboard shortcuts) for almost the menu entries.
  • The Del key can also be used instead of the Delete button on the toolbar.
  • Removed the confirmation dialog when opening bzip2 and gzip compressed files.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting files from the archive.
  • Finally fixed bug randomly causing rar and arj output badly appears.
  • Finally fixed bug randomly causing tar.bz2 and tar.gz archives to be corrupted when deleting files from them.
  • Fixed some memory leaks but surely someone is left.
  • Fixed bug causing filenames with spaces inside the archive not being viewed.
  • Fixed bug causing filenames with spaces in arj archives appear truncated in Xarchiver window.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the file dialog to select more than one file when adding to arj archives.
  • Fixed progress bar not appearing when adding only one big file to an archive.
  • Fixed a bug causing Xarchiver to hang when opening empty zip archives.
  • Fixed a bug causing Xarchiver to exit when opening a not supported archive directly from the command line.