Xfce 4.4.0 Changelog

Utilities Library (libxfce4util)

  • Updated translations: Szymon Kałasz (pl)
  • New translations: Geraint Rowlands (cy), Jovan Naumovski (mk)

Widget Library (libxfcegui4)

  • Fix file conflict in xfce4-panel and xfce-mcs-plugins by moving the common icon xfce-filemanager to libxfcegui4 (bug #2033).

Settings Manager Library (libxfce4mcs)

  • Fix crashing g_ascii_strup() on 64bit platforms (bug #2563).

Extensions Library (exo)

  • Further clean up the ExoIconView code and add several small optimization.
  • Import exo-mount utility to drop the dependency on other mount utilities, like pmount and gnome-mount, that don't work reliably, and were often the cause of trouble when mounting in Thunar.
  • Add optional mount notify tool, which notifies the user that a device/media is begin unmounted by the system and gives a hint when the device/media can be disconnected/removed.
  • Add exo-hal library, which provides several HAL related utility functions that have been deprecated in libhal-storage, but are required by several modules.
  • Import ExoMountPoint module, which provides platform independent access to the configured and currently active mount points. This is required by other modules like exo-mount and thunar-vfs (for the trash implementation).
  • Fix crash with certain kinds of discs (bug #2723).
  • Detect complex mailto:-URIs properly (bug #2530).
  • Fix compilation on amd64 (bug #2758).
  • Fix a few memory leaks.
  • Pau Rul-lan Ferragut (ca), Michal Várady (cs), Benedikt Meurer (de), Stavros Giannouris (el), Piarres Beobide (eu), Piotr Maliński and Szymon Kałasz (pl), Andrey Fedoseev (ru), Alexander Toresson (sv).
  • New translations: Alexander Nyakhaychyk (be), Geraint Rowlands (cy), Pavle Jonoski (mk), Stephan Arts (nl), Amanpreet Singh Alam (pa).

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Use screen from xevent instead of client for keypress (bug #2749)
  • Raise/focus when using alt+left-click for resize for consistency with move
  • Be more permissive toward stick/unstick (bug #2735)
  • Ignore focus stealing prevention between windows of the same group or between windows that have a transient relationship.
  • Rework grab release (bug #2694)
  • Fix display of ARGB32 windows with compositing enabled but without compositor active (bug #2710).
  • Apply NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION changes (otherwise it breaks xfwm4 demand attention mechanism), but do not obey client state change requests for NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION if the client is already focused.
  • Apply patch from Mike Massonnet that fixes an error in Stonage decoration theme (bug #2696)
  • Do not apply NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION if client is already focused, as some apps seem to request NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION state even while focused (See comment #14 in bug #2678)
  • Set the demands attention flag with focus prevention enabled only (bug #2678)
  • Update the NET_WM_STATE when the client requests an update of NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION (bug #2678)
  • Focus the internal fallback window when focus is transfered to a window that doesn't have InputHint set but still use WM_PROTOCOLS_TAKE_FOCUS (ie, there is no way for the window manager to tell whether or not the client will accept focus in the end since focus is set by the client alone through the 'take focus' mechanism) (Fix bug #1853 without breaking bug #2410)
  • Fix redraw problem with compositor
  • Update application icon asynchronously to avoid queuing useless icon updates (Ubuntu/Launchpad bug #61424)
  • Fix user focus timetamp being falsely reset to 0 causing some windows to be started un-focused (bug #2664), re-add some traces (which compile with -Werror this time), small code/api cleanup.
  • Remove shadow on dock-type windows (bug #2648)
  • Prevent fullscreen windows from beeing maximized (bug #2663).
  • Use timestamp provided by NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW and NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP messages from EWMH version 1.3 and above, fix focus transition with NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP messages causing either flickering or wrong restacking on workspace switch (bug #2654)
  • Quit nicely when MANAGE client message is received, so that xfwm4 obeys to ICCCM2 standard (bug #2374)
  • Fix demands attention being activated when it shouldn't
  • Improve focus stealing prevention.
  • Auto-maximize regular windows only.
  • Be a lot more paranoid about what broken apps set as struts.
  • Plug a huge X resources leak in handleMappingNotify () (bug #2618)
  • Do not prevent stick when skip taskbar is set
  • Re-enable focus passing to previously focused window (req. on ML)
  • Focus windows that raise themselves if focus stealing prevention is disabled, and set demands attention flag otherwise, that should improve focus prevention.
  • Keep focus on sticky windows only for regular windows w/out skip taskbar/pager property (Bug 2603)
  • Improve resize (bug #2597)
  • Be more permissive with resizes towards struts (bug #2597, bis), optimize shape use.
  • Fix off-by-one causing windows to be moved wrongly via keyboard (patch from Darren Salt (bug #2594)
  • Enter key doesn't work for "Add keybinding theme" dialog (bug #2560, patch by Brian Tarricone
  • Use focus pending with with apps that use WM_FLAG_TAKEFOCUS protocol too (bug #2561)
  • Hide as more windows when showing desktop (bug #2518)
  • Don't skip windows that have the skip pager/taskbar properties when searching for windows below the pointer (bug #2550)
  • Fix focus transitionning to root taking into account the pending focus too, so that focus doesn't return to the fallback internal window when it should return to some other client window (like when an application closes with a modal dialog opened).
  • Check for valid transient or modal when switching workspaces, to avoid missing windows to unmap (bug #2518).
  • Use X server time to restore focus when sent to the root window (bug #2472)

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Fix support for applications that do pseudo-transparency (bug #2508).
  • Change how icon cell size is calculated to avoid weirdness at large sizes (bug #1546).
  • Fix icons disappearing when the icon/text size is set too large, and then not reappearing when the size is lowered again (bug #1546).
  • Add hidden options to disable showing any or all of the 'File System', 'Home', or 'Trash' icons.
  • Partially fix backdrop setting problems when unsetting Xinerama stretch mode (bug #2573).
  • Fix some possible (but unliklely) NULL pointer dereferences.
  • Update documentation.

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Many fixes when using the panel in a multiscreen setup
  • Update or add blinking for urgent windows in tasklist, windowlist and iconbox.
  • Move test plugin to Xfce Goodies.
  • Several fixes for (re)sizing and positioning behavior.
  • Lots of small fixes and polish.
  • Update manual.
  • Many translation updates.

Session Manager (xfce4-session)

  • Improve the logout dialog (bug #2653).
  • Fix poweroff on DragonFly BSD (bug #2567).
  • Use Xrender to fadeout the background if cairo is available.
  • Updated translations: Carles Muñoz Gorriz (ca), Fabian Nowak (de), Rudy Godoy (es), Maximilian Schleiss (fr), Andrey Fedoseev (ru)
  • New translations: Josip Dzolonga (mk)

Settings Manager (xfce-mcs-manager)

  • Open the settings dialog on the monitor with the pointer.

Settings Manager Plugins (xfce-mcs-plugins)

  • Use GtkFrame instead of XfceFrame in the UI plugin.
  • Fix g_ascii_strup() and g_ascii_strdown() with length -1 on FC6/amd64 (bug #2563).
  • Fix compilation without XKB.

Terminal Emulator (terminal)

  • Add support for real transparency with GTK+ 2.10 and a composition manager (bug #2671).
  • Do not crash when you the first tab is detached and MiscAlwaysTabs is set to TRUE (bug #2686).
  • Add support to reorder tabs with GTK+ 2.10 (bug #1974).
  • Fix installation on case insensitive file systems (bug #2526).
  • Updated translations: Michal Varady (cs), Benedikt Meurer (de), Stavros Giannouris (el), Piarres Beobide (eu), Jari Rahkonen (fi), Maximilian Schleiss (fr), Szymon Kałasz (pl), Andrey Fedoseev (ru).
  • New translations: Alexander Nyakhaychyk (be), Amanpreet Singh Alam (pa).

Text Editor (mousepad)

  • Add support for the new recently-used database, using the GtkRecent functionality available in GTK+ 2.10 and later.
  • Set default response in Open/Save dialogs (bug #2249).
  • Merge new undo system.
  • Updated translations: Carles Muñoz Gorriz (ca), Michal Várady (cz), Benedikt Meurer (de), Stavros Giannouris (el), Piarres Beobide (eu), Jari Rahkonen (fi), Maximilian Schleiss (fr), ByungHyun Choi (ko), Piotr Maliński (pl), Adriano Winter Bess (pt_BR), Andrey Fedoseev (ru), Alexander Toresson (sv)
  • New translations: Alexander Nyakhaychyk (be), Geraint Rowlands (cy), Tome Boshevski (mk), A S Alam (pa)

File Manager (thunar)

  • Add documentation for the bulk renamer (bug #1594).
  • Improve the user manual (bug #1365).
  • Connect the various "Help" buttons (bug #1230).
  • Automatically add removable devices as targets to the "Send To" menu (bug #2683).
  • Allow to use "Eject" button on CD-ROM drives to unmount and eject the media (bug #2759).
  • Use Exif embedded thumbnails if available, which reduces the amount of data that must be retrieved from a camera to around 50k instead of the whole JPEG image, which can be up to several mega bytes.
  • Treat hotplugged drives as removable drives, so they will be displayed in the side pane.
  • Improve startup notification support.
  • Add support for trashes other than the home trash (bug #2132).
  • Fix crash on platforms where sizeof(GType) != sizeof(gint) (bug #2726).
  • Add support for thunar-volman, which gets invoked by Thunar whenever a new device is added to the HAL device tree.
  • Add support for memory cards and generic removable disk drives (bug #2652).
  • Handle blank discs and pure audio discs as well (bug #2599).
  • Use exo-mount to mount, eject and unmount volumes of relying on external utilities, like pmount or gnome-mount, that do not always behave properly (bug #2715).
  • Add ability to mount floppy drives using exo-mount (bug #2075).
  • Make sure GThread gets initialized first to avoid possible crashes in the GSlice allocator later.
  • Add ability to load custom thumbnailers from .desktop files.
  • Stop unused threads after ten seconds of idle time to return some more free memory to the kernel.
  • Improve performance when loading really large folders using a parallel lock-free algorithm.
  • Ellipsize long shortcut names, but make sure "File System" still fits into the side pane.
  • Properly initialize the translation domain for thunar-vfs (bug #2543).
  • Do not gather detailed statistics from non-regular files to avoid blocking Thunar forever reading from a named pipe (bug #2655).
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to switch between the different views (bug #2600).
  • Do not display "Desktop (Create Link)" action in "Send To" menu for trashed files, because symlinks cannot be created for files in the trash (bug #2539).
  • Fix crash when transfering a lot of files via drag'n'drop or clipboard (bug #2356).
  • Fix modal about dialog blocking other windows (bug #2545).
  • Fix build with dbus-binding-tool 0.72 and above (bug #2528).
  • Fix installation on case insensitive file systems (bug #2521).
  • Set word-wrap width depending on current zoom-level (bug #2505).
  • Improve the performance of the automatic path completion (bug #1681).
  • Properly redraw the shortcuts pane after after drag'n'drop (bug #2498).
  • Updated translations: Pau Rul-lan Ferragut (ca), Michal Várady (cs), Benedikt Meurer and Fabian Nowak (de), Stavros Giannouris (el), Piarres Beobide (eu), Jari Rahkonen (fi), Maximilian Schleiss, Mike Massonnet and Niki Kovacs (fr), Szervác Attila (hu), Roberto Pariset (it), Piotr MaliÅ„ski and Szymon KaÅ‚asz (pl), Andrey Fedoseev (ru), Alexander Toresson (sv), Kang Kang (zh_CN).
  • New translations: Alexander Nyakhaychyk (be), ByungHyun Choi (ko), Jovan Naumovski and Viktor Stojanovski (mk), Stephan Arts and Vincent Tunru (nl), Amanpreet Singh Alam (pa).

Printing Helper (xfprint)

  • Prevent xfprint4 from removing the printed file when the filters aren't applied
  • Fix incompatibility with CUPS 1.2 (bug #2107)
  • Remove pointless warning messages
  • Use themable 'printer' icon
  • Add shortcuts in printer queue dialog

GTK theme engine (gtk-xfce-engine-2)

  • Several improvements to the default theme.
  • Change the engine so that scrollbars show the trough border.

Development Tools (xfce4-dev-tools)

  • Add support for the latest GNU autotools (bug #2755).
  • Make sure xgettext uses UTF-8 encoding for source files.

Utilities (xfce-utils)

  • Fix menu popup on wrong screen.
  • Update the user guide.
  • Several new and updated translations.

Volume Control (xfce4-mixer)

  • Several new and updated translations.

Calendar and Appointments (xfcalendar)

  • Fix possible crash in appointment timezone selection.
  • Add missing revert/duplicate menu item sensitiviness settings.
  • Several new and updated translations.

Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)

  • Add themed icon support (bug #2651).
  • Fix potential crash (bug #1882).
  • Several new and updated translations.

Icon Theme (xfce4-icon-theme)

  • Switched to using xfce4-dev-tools and removed autogenerated files from the CVS repository.
  • The index.theme was made translatable using intltool.
  • Major icons changes, with new colors, smaller dark borders and some 3D effects.
  • Several new icons, previously missing in mimetypes and stock categories.
  • All icons have been resized so they let a little more space around them in apps which do not take care of that by themselves, like the Gnome panel/menu/file manager.