Xfce 4.4.1 Changelog

Utilities Library (libxfce4util)

  • Fix invalid g_slice_free1() in XfceRc code (bug #2854).
  • Fix bug when deleting groups.
  • Do not use GMemChunk for XfceRc module as that leaks all of its memory starting with GLib 2.10 (bug #2427).

Widget Library (libxfcegui4)

  • Change 2 GPL headers to LGPL.
  • Test for support of -Wall, -Werror and -errwarn=%all (bug #2918).
  • Fix aspect ratio of the pager when using viewports, required for window managers such as Beryl that use multiple viewports within one single workspace.
  • Many translation updates.

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Treat dialogs and utility windows as transients for group (bug #3102).
  • Add support for shape input with XShape extension 1.1 (bug #3092).
  • Make the title button in the xfwm4 settings manager dragable (bug #3000).
  • Fix a misinterpretation of ICCCM about when to send a synthetic configureNotify event (bug #2977).
  • Add new hidden option to instruct xfwm4 not to bring window back on current workspace when activated (bug #2961).
  • Place splash screen windows on the normal layer, so that dialogs that get mapped during startup have a chance to be placed above the splash screen.
  • Raise focused window on workspace switch (bug #2960).
  • Sort Z-order on workspace change (bug #2960).
  • Fix the small lag before icon update at first map and when updating all frames at once.
  • Use timeout for frame redraw, check actual WM name changes to work around apps that falsely update their WM name property (bug #2810).
  • Updated translations: Hungaria, Catalan, Italian, Polish, German, Japanese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Chinese (simplified) and French.
  • New translations: Albanian (Besnik Bleta), English (Jeff Bailes).

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Fix entries in the menu.xml files that should not have been translated.
  • Add support for menu file as argument (bug #2876).
  • Remove use of __FUNCTION__ as it breaks sun's compiler (bug #2924).
  • Blurry rendering of unscaled backgrounds (bug #2939).
  • Fix uri parsing to unescape '%##' stuff in the uri (bug #2942).
  • Many translation updates.

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Completely hide the right-click menu when kiosk mode is enabled (bug #2984).
  • Show the system tray border in the default layout and increase the top panel size to 30px, so users can actually see the system tray.
  • Allow freely movable panels on the screen edges (bug #3039).
  • Improve the icon size of the actions plugin and add an option to change the orientation of the buttons (bug #2999).
  • Unhide when dragging over the panel (bug #2914).
  • Check for NULL pointers in DBG messages to prevent crashes on Solaris, based on patch from William Bonnet (bug #2922).
  • Add some checks for valid tree selection (bug #2933).
  • Many translation updates.

Settings Manager (xfce-mcs-manager)

  • Test for support of -Wall, -Werror and -errwarn=%all. (bug #2918).
  • Many translation updates.

Settings Manager Plugins (xfce-mcs-plugins)

  • Test for support of -Wall, -Werror and -errwarn=%all. (bug #2919).
  • Add default shortcuts for volume control using aumix.
  • Do not include theme without directory or hidden in the icon theme list (bug #2912).
  • Many translation updates.

Text Editor (mousepad)

  • Test for support of -Wall, -Werror and -errwarn=%all. (bug #2921).

Printing Helper (xfprint)

  • Many translation updates.

Development Tools (xfce4-dev-tools)

  • Add script for generating commit messages from ChangeLogs on the fly (xdt-commit).

Utilities (xfce-utils)

  • Update the AUTHORS file.
  • Fix syntax error in startxfce script (bug #3089).
  • Fix insecure use of temporary file in startup script.
  • Put /usr/local/share first (bug #2967).
  • Fix an issue with the syntax in startxfce4 script (bug #2967).
  • Many translation updates.

Volume Control (xfce4-mixer)

  • Follow the HIG specifications on the buttons.
  • Add test_vc to Makefile.am.
  • Many translation updates.

Calendar and Appointments (xfcalendar)

  • Bug when adding All day event from iCal. All day events were handled wrongly in Orage (bug #3058).
  • Recurring events need to happen on ending date also (bug #2937).
  • Erroneous warning when adding panel plugin (bug #2863).
  • Change field before save so that spin buttons activate always (bug #2811).
  • Many translation updates.

Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)

  • Many translation updates.