Xfce 4.6 BETA 2 (4.5.92) Changelog

Development tools (xfce4-dev-tools)

  • Add support for git (and git-svn) to the xdt-commit script (bug #4491) ?>).

Utility Library (libxfce4util)

  • Increment library version to avoid having a 4.6 library version older then the one in 4.4.
  • Place G_GNUC_INTERNAL before function declaration for Sun Studio compatibility (bug #4580) ?>).
  • Updated translations: Jari Rahkonen (fi), Abel Martin (es)

Widget Library (libxfcegui4)

  • add libxfce4kbd for keyboard-shortcut support
  • Fix format-string vulnerabilities in 'message_dialog' and 'xfce_confirm'
  • Improve SessionManagement support
  • Update translations (de, es, pt_BR, eu, ku, cs, id, fi, sq, nb_NO)

Extension Library (exo)

  • Make Preferred Applications dialog pluggable into the new settings manager.

Menu Library (libxfce4menu)

  • Updated translations: ca, da, ku, nb_NO, sq, tr.

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Add support for restart style SmRestartImmediately.
  • Add support for NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW.
  • Add client windows to save set to avoid loosing all windows in case of crash.
  • Rework the window menu to improve consistency with libwnck menu (bug #4531) ?>).
  • Simplify management of transients.
  • Add support for keyboard shortcuts (bug #4492) ?>).
  • Add new option do disable blinking of urgent windows.
  • Fix possible crash when the dbl_click_action setting gets unset.
  • Fix workspaces names not being set in the workspace settings GUI.
  • Do not display warnings for values that are not configurable via xfconf (typically theme settings).
  • Draw focus in tabwin to make sure the selection is visible even with themes that do not show selected items.
  • Add key shortcut for reverse cycling (bug #2778) ?>)

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Display 'Audio' and 'Video' categories in the multimedia submenu.
  • Fix multiple image selection in settings dialog file chooser (bug #4522) ?>).

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Remove signal disconnect left after the patch of bug #4474.
  • Fix xrandr problem so it's possible to change the panel's monitor after a monitor has been removed (bug #3620) ?>).
  • Panel does not adhere to 'fullwidth' property when using vertical orientation after restarting (bug #4456) ?>).
  • Implement SmRestartImmediately (bug #4516) ?>).
  • Reverse the order of the launcher menu when the panel is on the top of the screen (bug #4450) ?>).
  • Don't spawn zombies (bug #4490) ?>).
  • Quote commands in the launcher when selecting an application (bug #4507 and #4549).
  • Restore panel workspace names after panel restart (bug #4589) ?>).
  • Update the tooltip of the clock when it is visible.

Session Manager (xfce4-session)

  • Hook up Help button in settings dialog.
  • Implement support for the RestartImmediately restart style hint.
  • Fix possible crash with uninitialised GError (bug #4202) ?>).
  • Link libxfsm against all required libs to avoid link-time errors (bug #4429) ?>).
  • Make splash engines store their settings in Xfconf.
  • Handle the ProcessID SM property properly.
  • Add a session editor to the settings dialog.
  • Fix compilation on some Linux systems with a broken linux/ioprio.h header (bug #4515).
  • Fix a possible crash on amd64 (bug #4510) ?>).
  • Add support for suspend and hibernate via HAL. Initial patch from Michael Casadevall (bug #2672) ?>).
  • When restoring clients on startup, be sure to set their current working directory if the cwd was set as a part of their saved state.
  • Add SaveSession kiosk capability (bug #2998) ?>).
  • When a client requests interaction, don't continue to kill all other clients while it's still interacting. And then don't ignore it when it wants to cancel shutdown. Also fixes a similar problem when interaction is requested during a phase 2 save-yourself (bug #4284) ?>).

Settings Manager (xfce4-settings)

  • Add an option to disable keyboard settings.
  • Default to "Rodent" icon theme instead of "hicolor" (bug #4545)
  • Use XfcePosixSignalHandler in xfce4-settings-helper to handle signals, since calling gtk_main_quit() from a signal handler may not be safe.
  • Make xfce4-settings-helper connect to the session manager and use the SmRestartImmediately facility to make sure it keeps running. Disable the autostart .desktop file if we were restored from a saved session. Attempt to acquire an X selection on startup to ensure multiple copies of the helper aren't running (bug #4577) ?>).

Configuration Manager (xfconf)

  • Add xfconf_channel_new_with_property_base() to restrict a channel to a subset of the property tree.
  • Add a dbus message filter to xfconfd that catches dbus daemon disconnect signals and flushes channels before xfconfd gets killed (bug #4487) ?>).
  • Change libxfconf GObject bindings API slightly to use gulong IDs for each binding to be used when removing bindings. Extend the unbind functions a bit.
  • Bump libxfconf interface version due to incompatible change.
  • Add libxfconf perl bindings.
  • Remove xfconf_channel_remove_property() and xfconf_channel_remove_properties().
  • Only treat the XML file under $XDG_CONFIG_HOME as a "user" file, and treat all others as system files. This fixes the problem where Xfce-installed defaults get read *after* the user's config when Xfce is installed to a user-writable prefix (bug #4592) ?>).
  • Fix build on Cygwin and other platforms that actually care about library link order (bug #4559) ?>).

File Manager (thunar)

  • Fix build on MacOS X (bug #4433).
  • Don't create Thunar -> thunar symlink on case-insensitive filesystems (bug #4430) ?>).
  • Add thunar-wallpaper-plugin for setting the wallpaper on xfdesktop >= 4.5.90

Mixer (xfce4-mixer)

  • Use xfconf_channel_reset_property() instead xfconf_channel_remove_property().
  • Rename stock icons and install them as application icons to $(pkgdatadir)/icons/hicolor. Remove stock code.
  • Change step and page increment size of the panel plugin to 1%.
  • Fix license headers to use GPL everywhere.
  • Use "multimedia-volume-control" icon in the desktop entry.
  • Fix build with GStreamer < 0.10.14.
  • Translation updates: Carles Muños Gorriz (ca), Abel Martín (es), Csécsey Károly (hu). Andhika Padmawan (id), Terje Uriansrud (nb_NO) Gökmen Görgen (tr).

Utilities (xfce-utils)

  • Migrate xfce4-session splash settings to xfconf.
  • Be sure $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/autostart exists when creating .desktop file to disable xfconf migration script.
  • Migrate xfwm4 keyboard shortcuts to new xfconf format.

Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)

  • Fix runtime warnings and toplevel menu items always being displayed on top of every category.
  • Translation updates: Carles Munõz Gorriz (ca), Abel Martín (es), Maximilian Schleiss (fr), Andhika Padmawan (id), Terje Uriansrud (nb_NO)