Xfce 4.8pre2 Changelog

Extension Library (exo)

  • Fix opening of URIs with spaces in claws-mail and sylpheed.
  • Fix two @libexecdir@ -> @HELPERDIR@ replacements.
  • Add Icedove helper.
  • Fix Opera helper with Opera newer as 10.60.
  • Add mime types to the exo-open desktop files (bug #6800).
  • Store preferred application in mimeapps.list (bug #6800).
  • Don't build the GIO module after glib 2.27 (bug #6800).
  • Make exo-open more standalone (bug #6573).
  • Translation updates (ug, gl, zh_TW, ru, sk, ja, el, sv, es, eu, hu, pt, kk, it, ja, he, uk, ca, da, id).

Widget Library (libxfce4ui)

  • Also request an interact for save-state-extended.
  • Return a NULL state file is the sm-client is disabled.
  • Fix the save-state signal.
  • Translation updates (pt).

Utility Library (libxfce4util)

  • Fix wrong capitalization of Xfce.
  • Fix stdarg.h include (bug #6897).
  • Translation updates (pt).

File Manager (thunar)

  • Make .desktop entries installed by Thunar validate against desktop-file-utils 0.16 (bug #6655). Patch by Samuli Suominen.
  • Fix missing instruction to load the sendto model (bug #6762).
  • Fix the sample D-Bus client for the org.xfce.FileManager interface.
  • Fix home folder being displayed as "Desktop" if $HOME is set to /home/username/Desktop.
  • Fix outdated Thunar D-Bus API usage in the trash panel applet.
  • Create user dirs instead of showing an error if they don't exist.
  • Allow scrolling in the 'Open With' combo box of the file properties dialog (bug #3055).
  • Expand filenames starting with './' based on the current working directory instead of home (bug #3451).
  • Print an error if thunar-settings fails to contact the file manager service (bug #6547).
  • Permanently delete files if at least one of them cannot be trashed (bug #6748).
  • Fix a typo in configure.in.in (bug #6724).
  • Include panel macro header (bug #6680).
  • Use GTK_STOCK_FILE as the fallback icon for files (bug #6662).
  • Fix compiler warnings about shadowed variables.
  • Use Name field as display name of desktop entries (bug #6860).
  • Fix a memory leak in thunar_transfer_job_execute().
  • Fix a segmentation fault when reloading files.
  • Avoid GIO 2.20 function calls.
  • Properly avoid launching the file manager recursively by checking the GAppInfo id/name.
  • Translation updates: Hungarian, German, Slovak, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (China), Greek, Catalan (Valencian), Italian, Basque, Spanish (Castilian), Kazakh, Portuguese, Hebrew, Galician, Indonesian, Chinese (Taiwan), Japanese, Finish.

Utilities (xfce-utils)

  • Return support for vendor information.
  • Hookup the help button in xfce4-about.
  • Fix typo in xfce4-about --help.
  • Fix some wrong capitalizations of Xfce.
  • Set XDG_MENU_PREFIX to "xfce-" and export it (bug #5980).
  • Translation updates (id, zh_TW, kk, it, fi, gl, da, ca, pt, uk, eu, sk, de, hu).

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Don't destroy the about dialog.
  • Allow using enter in the launcher treeviews.
  • Fix crash in always group mode (bug #6792).
  • Drop the automatic grouping option from tasklist; not implemented yet.
  • Fix Gdk key macro names.
  • Fix confustion with panel opacity (bug #6827).
  • Make miniature view the default in the pager (bug #6825).
  • Fix wrong capitalization of Xfce.
  • Fix issue in systray size allocation with 1 row (bug #6809).
  • Fix 'add launcher' desktop file.
  • Improve debugging output for display changes.
  • Restore shadow of spin button in systray dialog.
  • Add function to return the Xfconf panel name.
  • Warning why # pager rows does not apply (bug #6555).
  • Gracefully handle abort signal (bug #6563).
  • Restart the panel if we receive SIGUSR1.
  • Fix format of 12-hour clock.
  • Add option to not rotate buttons in vertical panel (bug #6687).
  • Propertly handle insensitive clock colors.
  • Set correct session priority.
  • Improve support for a menu editor (alacarte) in the applications menu.
  • Don't destroy the application menu under the users' cursor on reload.
  • Add window DND to the pager in tasklist.
  • Make viewports work in the tasklist (bug #6898 and bug #6665).
  • Support viewports in button pager.
  • Always use applications menu for default menu.
  • Fix Exec key in desktop file handler (bug #6912).
  • Fix if statement in xfce_tasklist_button_visible().
  • Depend on garcon 0.1.4.
  • Translation updates (be, ca, da, de, eu, fi, gl, hu, id, it, ja, kk, nl, pt, sk, ta, uk, zh_CN, zh_TW).

Session Manager (xfce4-session)

  • Do not try "unix-session" authorization with PolicyKit as this seems to be either broken or not implemented in PolicyKit (bug #6817). This fixes suspend/hibernate in xfce4-session-logout.
  • Fix possibly shadowed variables.
  • Fix compilation on FreeBSD with polkit (bug #6870).
  • Restore splash screen functionality (bug #6831).
  • Fix logout with sudo.
  • Translation updates (de, pt_BR, zh_CN, el, uk, it, id, ja, kk, pt).

Settings Manager (xfce4-settings)

  • Use xfconf_channel_get instead of xfconf_channel_new.
  • Don't activate numlock on first launch.
  • Fix wrong capitalizations of Xfce.
  • Fix compiler warnings.
  • Drop Xfce from the settings manager .desktop name.
  • Fix free of invalid memory (bug #6909).
  • Add checks for API change in libnotify 0.7.0.
  • Translations updates (hu, zh_CN, he, pt, gl).

Configuration Manager (xfconf)

  • Don't enable options with --disable-$option (bug #6820).
  • Use G_GSIZE_FORMAT in the DBG message.
  • Add doc module to fixxref options (bug #6304).
  • Link the gtkdoc scanner to GObject and Glib (bug #6407).
  • Check for perl outside bindings option for alias script (bug #6481).
  • Move xfconfd from $libexecdir to $libdir.
  • Updated translations: kk, bn, uk, si, it, sk, fr, id, zh_TW, de, pt, ug.

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Fix a crash caused by accessing the wrong variable when adding items to the right-click menu.
  • Select the correct icon style in the desktop settings on first start (bug #6798).
  • Depend on libwnck newer as 2.22 so we no longer have to implement hacks for the two different "active-workspace-changed" signal variants in libwnck (bug #6638).
  • Add menu item monitoring.
  • Fix critical when session manager is not running (bug #6822).
  • Remove checks for older GLib/GTK+ versions that are no longer needed.
  • Allow workspace names that start with a number (bug #6318).
  • Delay notification initialization until we show one.
  • Set the correct session priority.
  • Do not call gtk_widget_show() on menus (bug #6198).
  • Add checks for an API change in libnotify 0.7.0 (bug #6915).
  • Avoid GTK+ 2.18 and GIO 2.20 function calls (or at least guard them so that xfdesktop still builds with older versions).
  • Let garcon choose the default applications menu file using XDG_MENU_PREFIX. Drop the UserMenu kiosk option as the panel sort of allows to bypass it anyway.
  • Translation updates: gl, ca, de, it, kk, fi, sk, pt, uk, el, zh_TW, da, id, eu, hu, lt.

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Fix break with latest API changes in libxfce4ui.
  • Fix corrupted button layouts by obtaining the button IDs correctly (bug #6824).
  • Bump the GTK+ dependency to 2.14 which is the minimum version required for Xfce 4.8.
  • Properly implement session handling (bug #6330).
  • Make the settings dialog smaller so it fits on netbooks screens.
  • Depend on libxfce4ui 4.7.5 for crucial fix in the save-state-extended signal.
  • Panel won't focus entries in focus follow mode (bug #6649).
  • Adjusted sizes when a maximized window is undecorated (bug #6543).
  • Unshade windows when given focus with Alt-Tab (bug #5931).
  • Fix hang when closing a submenu (bug #6562).
  • New theme for 4.8.
  • Focus-follows-mouse activate/raise should not do focus (bug #4679).
  • Translation updates (zh_TW, ug, it, gl, ja, sv, pt, pt_BR, da, de, kk, hu, zh_CN).