Xfce 4.8pre3 Changelog

Extension Library (exo)

  • Set application name for Thunar loop detection.
  • Fix ABI check on ppc (bug #7008).
  • Quote filenames with a space in the desktop editor (bug #6951).
  • Translation updates (zh_CN, pt_BR, de, hu, pt, de, cs, en_GB, nb, sv, ar).

Widget Library (libxfce4ui)

  • Fix ABI check in ppc (bug #7005).
  • Update default shortcuts for xfce4-display-settings (bug #7036).
  • Translation updates (pt, he, cs, en_BG, nb, ar).

Utility Library (libxfce4util)

  • Fix ABI check on ppc (bug #7004).
  • Translation updates (en_BG).

File Manager (thunar)

  • Fix unused variable warning when building with GLib < 2.20.
  • Fix file operation status icon not disappearing by hiding the icon prior to destroying it (bug #6891). Patch by Xavier D.
  • Fix Gtk 2.16 function.
  • Fix twp plugin for images with a quote in file name (bug #5056).
  • Bump copyrights to 2011.
  • Translation updates (zh_TW, de, cs, fi, uk, pt, ru, nb, ja, de, en_GB, sv, id, hr, ar).

Utilities (xfce-utils)

  • Send the xfrun4 caller environ over dbus (bug #6927).
  • Don't show popup completion if there is a single match.
  • Add an icon to the xfrun4 window.
  • Append Xfce path to XDG_DATA_DIRS (bug #7040).
  • Translation updates (he, de, zh_TW, sk, ru, pt, cs, ja, en_GB, sv, id, ug).

Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)

  • Translation updates (pt, ja, he, lt, zh_CN, pt_BR, sk, cs, en_GB, nb, hr, pl, ar).

Panel (xfce4-panel)

  • Bind panel translation domain for external plugins (bug #6932).
  • Allow reordering plugins in preferences with dnd.
  • Open plugin preferences on double-click (bug #6975).
  • Change launcher dnd code for plugin moving.
  • Send drag motion event to parent widgets.
  • Do not make the itembar insensitive (bug #6818).
  • Fix some prototype variable names.
  • Fix warning when removing a panel with a 4.6 plugin.
  • Fix order of menu items based on screen position (bug #6978).
  • Drop too-new Gtk API.
  • Various improvements in the launcher dialog.
  • Don't use the session manager in action plugin.
  • Add option to filter tasklist window by monitor (bug #5199).
  • Remove plugin when dropping in items dialog (bug #6976).
  • Bump copyright to 2010 and fix licenses.
  • Also load desktop files from xfce4/panel/plugins (bug #7013).
  • Install desktop files in xfce4/plugins/actions (bug #7013).
  • Make vertical clock rotation optional (bug #7002).
  • Fix various size allocation issues in clock (bug #5219, bug #3960).
  • Fix plugin dnd with locked panel and outside itembar.
  • Add missing function to libxfce4panel.symbols.
  • Fix ABI check on ppc (bug #7009).
  • Fix typo in function name.
  • Add application menu in default layout.
  • Fix invalid unref.
  • Make sure launchers are properly removed and saved.
  • Fix vertical tasklist buttons in non-vertical mode.
  • Fix thinko in screen handling (bug #6830).
  • Workaround un nusable plugin when moving to other window.
  • Add xfce_panel_pixbuf_from_source().
  • Use xfce_panel_pixbuf_from_source() in XfcePanelImage.
  • Use XfcePanelImage in the launcher menu.
  • Use xfce_panel_pixbuf_from_source in launcher dialogs.
  • Optimize loading icons from absolute paths.
  • Fix some compiler warnings.
  • Move hidden name handling to plugin.
  • Use foreach to add application to store.
  • Move arrow button to plugin widget (bug #6694).
  • Only use orientation in systray box.
  • Remove unused variables in box structures.
  • Drop child structure from box and only use widgets.
  • Improve sort function a bit + other tiny changes.
  • Move composited child function to plugin.
  • Use xfce_panel_pixbuf_from_source() to load known apps.
  • Add some known tray application names.
  • Try WM_NAME(STRING) too for tray application name.
  • Redo icon positioning (bug #5565, bug #9650 and more).
  • Drop some unused systray code.
  • Block grabs from outside the panel.
  • 1x1 invisible icons doesn't seem to be true (bug #7044).
  • Bump copyrights to 2011.
  • Translation updates (ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, fi, gl, he, hr, hu, id, it, ja, kk, nb, pl, pt, pt_BR ru, sk, sv, uk, zh_TW).

Session Manager (xfce4-session)

  • Fix missing include.
  • Do not register to menu else the panel never hides (bug #7020).
  • Fix xfce4-session-logout --halt and --reboot (bug #5032).
  • Translation updates (nb, cs, en_GB, sv, hr, pt).

Settings Manager (xfce4-settings)

  • Remove duplicated terminal entry in xfce4-settings-helper autostart desktop file (bug #6919).
  • Set sensitivity of the corrent sound checkbox.
  • Drop Glib 2.22 functions.
  • Get adjustments from builder directly.
  • Make sure default values are applied in dialogs.
  • Don't use xrdb to update xft and cursor settings (bug #7014).
  • Translations updates (de, cs, el, en_GB, nb, sv).

Configuration Manager (xfconf)

  • Updated translations: he, nb, en_GB, pt, ar.

Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

  • Work around Gtk 2.16 function (bug #6883).
  • Translation updates: sk, ru, cs, en_GB, lt, sv, nb, ar, pt).

Window Manager (xfwm4)

  • Fix bug #6651 Shape Mask Changes not Immediately Recognized by Xfwm4.
  • Use Xsettings standard double-click-distance (bug #6334).
  • Fix bug #6334.
  • Fix bug #6334: Use lower prio for double click timeout.
  • Thinner bottom frame.
  • Double-click on edges trigger window fill in any given direction.
  • Fix bug #6989.
  • Fix bug #6589.
  • Fix bug #6902.
  • Fix application cycling.
  • Translation updates (zh_TW, fi, uk, ca, nb, cs, ja, el, de, en_GB, sv, id, pt).